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Samco High Performance Silicone Hose Kits

High Performance Silicone Hose Kits

SamcoSport is the original performance hose brand & we pioneered the development of the direct replacement aftermarket hose kit.
We offer the most comprehensive range of kits (450+ applications) and standard parts available in the marketplace today.
Our design engineers extensively research each new kit to ensure the best fitment & the most accurate design.

Click on our virtual hose explorer to see what makes SamcoSport hoses are the best.

As used by many top race teams, SamcoSport offers a great range of race-tested, direct-replacement silicone hose kits offering many benefits over factory fitted hoses. Available for a wide range of motorbikes, SamcoSport Motorbike hoses offer longer life and extreme durability at the high temperature & pressure seen on well-tuned machines. All direct replacement kits are available in any one of the 9 standard SamcoSport colors.
These hoses will not collapse as the std OEM hose may at high RPMs in a well tuned race engine thereby maintaining proper cooling temperatures.

Standard Colour : Blue
Colour Options : Red / Green / Yellow / Purple
/ Black / Orange / British Racing Green
Premium Colour Options
(+15%) : White / Silver / Pink / Classic Matt Black
(+35%) : Samco Blaze & Urban Camo

Other Hose Kits available from Samco
If you do not see the kit you are looking for below CLICK HERE to veiw a PDF of all Samco Kits.
Send us and email with the kit number you are interested in and we will get back to you with current availability.
There are too many kits available to list.
Some of these are not in stock in the US and would be drop shipped
from the UK and prices may vary due to currency exchange rates related costs. so please call or email for a current price.