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Woodcraft Frame Slider Chassis Protection

Frame Sliders are one of the smartest investments you can make to your bike. From street accidents to 100mph high-sides nothing will help prevent costly damage more than a set of Woodcraft Frame Sliders. Our sliders are the only sliders on the market featuring our patented perpendicular mounting bolt design giving you a solid slider, great protection, and an easy install.


Woodcraft's patented 2-piece sliders are the most durable sliders on the market. Our perpendicular mounting bolt allows the slider to be solid rather than hollow (like other sliders) which provides nearly 50% more material on the road and much greater durability.


Our 2-piece design with its perpendicular mounting bolt means that after a crash you won't be digging out a ground down bolt from the center of a destroyed hollow slider. Our sliders make puck replacement fast and easy thanks to our patented design.


Woodcraft's experienced racer R&D squad made it clear that sliders must stick out far enough to protect the bike but not so long they get ripped off as the bike slides down the road! The end result is all Woodcraft sliders are the ideal length giving you the protection without too much projection.