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Hand Guards

Our new line of hand guards are designed to prevent a common and often violent crash on the race track when two riders make contact. Our exclusive design is easily mounted, durable and adjustable


Just about everyone we talked to knows someone who has crashed due to their brake lever coming into contact with another rider. Our new hand guard line not only prevents inadvertant lever contact but also helps to protect your hands during a crash by keeping them out of harms way. We have a few friends whose pinky fingers have been "shortened" in a crash.


Our patent-pending design mounts to any 7/8" handlebar and is adjustable for any sized levers. The unique 30 degree down angle helps to keep the guards from interfering with the riders hands while on the track.


Each mount is machined from tough 6061-T6 aluminum with a durable anodized finish. The guards are made from a special plastic that is tough enough to withstand an impact but pliable enough not to splinter in a crash. Replacement plastic guards are available individually.