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The CHR Privateer line of product offers budget minded buyer a clear choice � no need to try inferior imports.
CHR has cut costs where possible but retained the quality materials where most critical:

  • Nomex Liner
  • Carbonized insulation
  • USA made � shock resistant thermostats
  • Neoprene sides panels to keep heat in
  • Dual stage operation lights

Privateer Standard
(One Temp)


Privateer Dual
(Two Temps)

Privateer Digital

The CHR Classic Line of product has been the standard other brands strove to meet;
it has some upgrades compared to the Privateer:

  • Classis CHR serpentine heating element
  • Nomex insulation
  • Cordura Exterior
  • 3-Temp Pole Position has a higher temperature option on the high setting of 195F

Classic Standard
(One Temp)

Classic pole Position
(Three Temps)

Classic Digital

The Professional Line has previously ONLY been available to Moto GP teams, WSBK teams and AMA Pro Teams.
It is the elite tire warmer available and has:

  • High Density heating element � only 8mm spacing between the elements (185� of element compared to 85� in the Classic)
  • Additional layer of insulation
  • Aluminized Kevlar exterior for added heat retention
  • Higher temperature of 195F on the Standard model and for High Setting on the 3-Temp Pole Positon

Professional Standard
(One Temp)

Professional Pole
(Three Temps)

Professional Digital