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POV Camera Mount System


The CycleMount Mirror Mount for GoPro cameras performs two tasks in one.

It secures the motorcycle's upper fairing and provides a sturdy, completely

Completed Prototype

adjustable, and easy to use GoPro mount.

By mounting the camera where the mirror would have mounted you get rock solid video in a nice front (or rear) facing view that is convenient, out of the way, and reliable. No more failed sticky mounts, no more bodywork damage, and no intrusive suction mounts on the tank!

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How does it work?

RotationThe secret to the CycleMount Mirror Mount�s adjustability is the 360-degree rotation. No standard GoPro mount allows for rotation, meaning if the mount isn�t exactly straight or exactly perpendicular to the direction of travel, the camera cannot be aimed correctly. The CycleMount� Mirror Mount solves this by having a central pivot pin that allows for full 360-degree rotation meaning no matter what angle your front fairing sits at you can point your camera perfectly straight and lock it down for rock solid video.

Having a camera mount bolt directly to the structure of the motorcycle improves video quality dramatically by eliminating the flex and vibration associated with stick-on mounts on flexible bodywork. The upper fairing stay is the ideal location for a camera mount because it is solidly attached to the frame of the motorcycle and provides a clear view forward off the front of the bike or rearward towards the hand controls allowing for stunning video.

Of course, using these mounts, the camera can be securely mounted anywhere on your bike by adding a backing plate inside the cowling at the mounting point.

Photo Sep 09, 12 18 22 PM Include mirror block-off

Why CycleMount is better

Included Parts

  • Rock solid video
  • Completely adjustable for perfect aim
  • Doubles as mirror block-off plates
  • Strong and Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Quick to mount and unmount camera without tools

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