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GPS Race Recording & Analyzing Devices by
Qstarz Racing Club
Ride and Log - Import GPS Data - Analyze your data - Simulate and Compare with the Qstarz line of Lap timer, recorder and lap analyzing tools
The Original
QStarz BT-Q1000eX

Qstarz Lap Timer

The Qstarz
BT-Q1000eX, has a 10Hz log speed, tracking position information 10 times per second to accurately measure speed, distance, and track on anything that moves. This GPS Lap Timer is perfect for recording and analyzing racing of all types, road course, drag, rally and off-road used on autos, motorcycles, motocross, oval cars, power boats, snow machines etc. Simple and easy to use, this Qstarz GPS Receiver uploads your driving
information to your PC via Bluetooth or USB. The Lap Timing Analysis software in the Qstarz BT-Q1000eX helps analyze your performance so that you can do better in the upcoming races. An integrated vibration sensor in this Qstarz GPS Receiver puts the device to sleep in case it has not detected movement for ten minutes. The battery of this GPS Lap Timer lasts for almost 42 hours which is indeed a lot of time.
As an extra bonus, these units also come bundled with QSports and QTravel software!

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The QSTARZ LT-Q6000s GPS Data Logger
with Color Display

QSTARZ International announced their GPS Data Logger with a Color display. The LT-Q6000s was debuted at the PRI show (Performance Racing Industry), in Orlando, Florida. The LT-Q6000s GPS Lap Timer is the first GPS Lap Timer with a color display, based on 10Hz GPS technology which will allow you to track, Analyze
, and compare your racing performance. The display shows your progress instantly while on the track and you can then download your data to your PC for analysis for improvements to be made for the next session on the course.

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Note: These devices will only work with a PC computer. They are not compatible with an Apple computer.

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LT-Q6000s Qstarz GPS Data Logger with color display
LT-Q6000 QRacing GPS Lap timer, recorder and analyzing tool. With handlebar mount for motorcycle use.