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Woodcraft Axle Sliders

Woodcraft's line of axle sliders features a Quick Release that adds no more than 5 seconds to a wheel change. They are designed so that only 1 puck needs to come off to remove the axle. Simply pull the pin and the puck comes right off. If you ever need to change a puck after a fall, it's the fastest repair you'll ever make!
Axle sliders help to protect valuable components like fork lowers and swingarms in the case of a crash. The patent-pending puck design is made from the same high-grade plastic as their frame sliders and offers better protection than hollow sliders. Combine with Woodcraft rear sets, engine covers and frame sliders for ultimate crash protection.
Not only do Woodcraft axle sliders provide excellent protection, they also are a great looking upgrade to any motorcycle. These sliders add style and protection that will help set your motorcycle apart from the crowd.