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Pulling the helmet off a crash victim can, in seconds, cause further trauma to the neck and cervical spine resulting in serious debilitating, and permanent damage. The Eject Helmet Removal System was designed to aid in the safer removal of a helmet by pushing the helmet off the head after the upper spine has been immobilized.

Essentially, the Eject system is an airbag that is inflated either by hand or by a CO2 cartridge when an EMT gets to you after an impact. The device is installed in your helmet. Once installed you essentially forget about it until the dark day when you have an impact that threatens your spinal cord. The EMT will attach his/her inflator bulb or CO2 cartridge to the valve hanging out of the back of your helmet and pump up the bag, lifting the helmet off your head without any strain on your neck. Because it lifts off the top of your head, the chance of further injury is drastically reduced.

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Eject Helmet Removal System
Eject Helmet Removal System