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Knee Sliders

The staff have been involved in road racing for a long time and have always felt that "Klucky Pucks" were the best in the business.


In recent years Roadracing World magazine did a comprehensive comparison of all the knee sliders on the market and Klucky Pucks came out Number 1.


Pucks need to last; plain and simple! Klucky Pucks are constructed with a compound developed through years of experience, resulting in a puck that lasts longer than the competition while maintaining the feel that racers need.


If your knee pucks get knocked off while on the track you're in for a long day, and some leather repair. Klucky Pucks have the toughest velcro on the market bar none!

"After a whole year of abuse I have yet to replace my Klucky Pucks.. & I got them used!" -Peter Gaboriault LRRS #187